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Krystal Clear Cleaning Inc is a  Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Service 

We service  Tampa  St Pete  Sarasota  and the surrounding areas

Why do so many People choose

Krystal Clear Cleaning ?

" We pride ourselves on providing high quality work at an affordable price driven by honesty and integrity to meet the standards of all our customers."

Honesty and Integrity –Krystal Clear Cleaning is a Family owned and operated company that takes pride in every aspect of our day to day operations. We stress with all employees to do everything with honesty and integrity while orchestrating a positive attitude each and every time you are in uniform. 

Experience – We have over 20 years of cleaning and janitorial experience beginning with residential homes in 1992 and moving into  commercial in 1999. Some of our customers have been with us for over twenty years.

 Drug Free – Krystal Clear Cleaning participates in the drug free workplace It is important for us to put out a safe atmosphere for all customers.

Good employees – We feel in order to become successful you have to hire the right people. Better people equals better service. It is our goal to hire highly experienced employees with great attitudes which in turn means that we will pay a little more for better help. Therefore creating a safe atmosphere in your facility. We think it is very important to make a customer feel safe while employees are in the facility.

Training - Krystal Clear Cleaning uses the TSA & L training program which is explained in brief below.
T – Tell employee standards and expectations.
S – Show them procedures and techniques.
A – Ask them to show supervisor procedures and techniques.
L – Let them use what they have learned to successfully accomplish expectations.
So employees LAST.

Performance is evaluated on a regular basis through onsite quality control and customer evaluations. In theory the program focuses on highly motivating employees using an employee appreciation system which in turn provides better production and positive surroundings.

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